The `cimg/openjdk` Recent Changes Thread (Sept 2021)

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share some changes to this image recently.

  1. Upstream name change - we have been getting the packages thus far from AdoptOpenJDK. This organization has recently joined the Eclipse Foundation. They have moved around some sites, remade URLs, and they’ve also rebranded. Starting with our releases yesterday, we will be getting our upstream OpenJDK packages from Adoptium, the new name (and website) for AdoptOpenJDK.
  2. SBT now included - to assist with migrations from the legacy image to this next-gen image, SBT is now pre-installed. The latest image/tags for OpenJDK v11 - v17, as well as any future releases will contain SBT.
  3. JAVA_HOME fix - there was an issue with the JAVA_HOME environment variable being incorrect in the first release of a major version. So for example, cimg/openjdk:11.0.0 or cimg/openjdk:14.0.0. If you happen to be using one of these affected images, this issue was fixed.