Test results not saving

Trying to get my go tests to show up under the tests tab. I am piping the results through go-junit-report to generate junit style tests. Here is the relevant code in the config.

- run: mkdir -p /tmp/test-results/go-test

  - run: go test $(go list ./... | circleci tests split --split-by=timings) 2>&1 | go-junit-report > /tmp/test-results/go-test/results.xml
  - store_test_results:
      path: /tmp/test-results/


Worth noting that in my “Uploading test results” section (store_test_results) the output says:

Archiving the following test results

  • /tmp/test-results/go-test/results.xml

Which leads me to believe that the file is being properly uploaded.

Disregard. Seems this was a result of how go-junit-report was formatting the file. I replaced it with gotestsum and it works fine. Now to figure out the second part of my problem…

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