Test execution is timing out after executing some tests with parallel threads- Serenity BDD

Hi , I integrated Serenity BDD tests and invoking tests from mvn command in a job from circle CI-
I am invoking parallel threads (just two threads).

from the documentation i learned about raising the no_output_timeout: i have increased it to 30m and it executed well for the first run- from second run its again failing with the same message. seeing the same with 40m- im actually trying to optimze the execution time so trying parallel threads execution- if i have to have such a long wait time the purpose is lost. Please suggest.

Test execution fails with this message - “Too long with no output (exceeded 40m0s): context deadline exceeded”

Below is the step from the circle CI yml file:

  • run:
    name: Install maven dependencies
    no_output_timeout: 40m
    command: cd haulhub_web_ui_automation_2.0/qa-ui-automation && mvn clean verify serenity:aggregate -Dit.test=MySerenityTestRunnerParallel -Dtags=“@DOTStageParallel” -Dcucumber.options=“–tags ‘@DOTStageParallel’”

Unless you have a reason to stop the Serenity BDD tests before they complete it would be best to just set a very long timeout, such as 3h. All the real optimization you can do is within the Serenity environment, so you may want to use their forums to gain a better understanding of what you can do with it.

One thing that is going to have an impact is the size of the resource class you have selected to run the workflow, as core count and available memory are likely to affect the speed of the tests.

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