Tests fail with 'context deadline exceeded'

All my pipelines on circleci started failing this afternoon on circleci with
Too long with no output (exceeded 10m0s): context deadline exceeded
I tried rerunning pipelines that have passed in the past and they also fail.

I’ll note this started happening after changing the command in the config yaml to run tests in parallel.
python -m pytest -c /dev/null tests
python -m pytest -n auto --reruns 3 --reruns-delay 1 -c /dev/null tests

I reverted this change, but the failure is still happening on all branches. I wonder if it is related.

The message indicates that no output has been sent to the command console for more than 10mins and is designed to stop a deadlocked job from running forever and incurring unexpected costs.

More detail can be found here, as can ingo on how to extend the timeout.

A shift to running 3 tests in parallel may be causing each test to take longer than the timeout, but I can not say why reverting back to a single test at a time has not caused the issue to go away.