Run test fail : "Too long with no output (exceeded 10m0s): context deadline exceeded"

Hello everyone,I encountered a problem when trying to run tests. I have 40 parallels running. But only 1 parallel has a problem with ‘context deadline exceeded’. I don’t know where the problem. Can someone help me?

You can find details here

The error is thrown from within a run shell, so one of your tests is taking longer than 10mins to complete, while also not producing any output to the console.

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I changed no_output_timeout: 1h but it still happens :frowning:

When you say that it still happens, does it still happen at 10m0s or now after 1h?

If the job is now taking over 1h you will need to look at the job in more detail as that is a long time and depending on which CircleCI plan you are using 1h is the maximum job length.