Stored artifacts not showing up on a build



There are no artifacts shown in the build summary on even though the build steps show them as having uploaded. I know this used to work; has something changed with artifacts and we need to update our build config? Thanks!


carljm, can you post the applicable section of your build config?


The whole build config is public:


Hi @carljm! Were you able to resolve this? I do see artifacts for this build at:

Were you expecting to also see metadata in the Test Summary tab? If so, you can configure that by following the Collecting Test Metadata documentation.


Hi Sara,

Thanks for the link to - that clarifies that the artifacts are present and uploaded correctly, and this is purely a UI issue.

My confusion is, how was I supposed to find that URL myself via the UI? I still can’t find any UI element that links to that URL. Based on the documentation, I expected to see an “Artifacts” tab (in the same tab set as “Test Summary”, “Configuration”, and “Build Timing”, but it’s not there.


Hi @carljm

I’ve opened up a support ticket for you so that we can share more about your account and investigate this UI issue. Please watch your inbox for the ticket notification.


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