Some artifacts not available

We collect a lot of build artifacts by specifying custom artifact files as described here:
Specifying custom artifacts directories and files

A few days ago this was all working normally. But recently this has stopped working properly - some of the files are available via the “Artifacts” tab on a build, but not all of them.

Our circle.yml file contains something like this (shortened and sanitised):

    - hashdb_linux.csv

    - build/linux/test/test_core
    - build/linux/test/test_core_lint_summary.txt
    - build/linux/test/test_core_lint_warnings.txt
    - build/linux/test/test_core_tests.csv
    - build/linux/test/test_core_cov.cov
    - build/linux/test/test_core_cov.html

    [lots more of the above]

    - hashdb_target.csv

    - build/target/test/test_core
    - build/target/test/test_core_lint_summary.txt
    - build/target/test/test_core_lint_warnings.txt
    - build/target/test/test_core_tests.csv
    - build/target/test/test_core_cov
    - build/target/test/test_core_cov.cov

    [lots more of the above]

All of the build/linux files are available via the via the “Artifacts” tab on a build.
None of the build/target files are available via the “Artifacts” tab on a build (they were available in older builds from a few days ago).
I’ve confirmed via an SSH build that the build/target files are being built.
The build report shows success (green) for the “Collect artifacts” step.

I have also tried doing an explicit copy to $CIRCLE_ARTIFACTS e.g.:

    - mkdir $CIRCLE_ARTIFACTS/msgshow
    - cp hashdb_linux.csv  $CIRCLE_ARTIFACTS/msgshow
    - cp hashdb_target.csv $CIRCLE_ARTIFACTS/msgshow

    - mkdir $CIRCLE_ARTIFACTS/target
    - cp --recursive build/target $CIRCLE_ARTIFACTS/target

None of these are available via the via the “Artifacts” tab on a build, even though the build report show success (green) for the “Collect artifacts” step.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing this?

Thanks for your assistance,


Are you still seeing this issue?

I’ve ran some tests last night on some old builds (with large numbers of
artifacts) and I am no longer seeing this issue - it seems to be working
correctly at the moment.

Note that 2 days ago we modified our circle.yml file to minimise the number of
artifacts that we collected - it consistently worked OK for a small number of
artifacts (less than 100 or so), whilst consistently failing for large numbers
of artifacts (our old circle.yml file was collecting 2000+ small files).

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