Spin up environment -- Waiting for a VM assignment is taking non-stop

I have been building and deploying fine for some weeks without any problem.
But today, it stuck at the job aws-ecr/build-and-push-image.
In the step Spin up environment, it shows “Waiting for a VM assignment: …”.
I was waiting for over 30 minutes, but it is still waiting for a VM assignment…

I don’t know how to fix it. Can you help?

:wave: Hi @leuter0!

I’m sorry your builds were impacted by this issue.

GCE (Google Compute Engine) has been experiencing an outage since yesterday.

This is the underlying cause of the delays in provisioning jobs using certain resource classes of the machine executor.

We declared an incident yesterday to keep our users informed.

The GCE team is still working on fixing the issue on their side, but in the meantime we implemented a workaround they suggested.

A downside of the workaround is that VMs are slower than normal time. We’ll revert this change once the GCE outage is resolved.