Specify nodeJs version for a machine circle 2.0

I am struggling to find how to set the nodeJs version in CircleCi v2.0 when using machine: true in .circleci/config.yml

I can see nvm is used under the hood but can’t use it via a - run: command
I can install n and install the latest n 8.2.1 but the box still points to /opt/circleci/nodejs/v6.1.0/bin/node

Docker is not an option here.

I’d quite like to just specify it in the config.yml as I did for v1.0

      version: 8.2.1```

Any pointers anyone else having this issue?

You don’t. If you don’t want to use Docker, then you’d need to install the NodeJS version you want.

Thanks for the pointer.
With a re-think I have spun up:
selenium standalone-chrome
docker containers.

Rather than trying to install selenium standalone, Java and update node on a machine!


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