Node, NPM Version Build Issues

Hello Team CircleCi,

I am creating a build in the CircleCi UI environment with a Linux Build Image of Ubuntu 14.04.

I am experiencing problems with the deploying and testing the correct node, npm versions for my project through CircleCi.

My “circle.yml” file indicates the node version of 5.1.1 to be set up on the VM machine in CircleCI

version: 5.1.1
environment: "

Yet consistently as I start the “Rebuild with SSH” and SSH into the VM box, I am seeing the default node version 4.2.6 being used, despite the node version set up in “circle.yml” to use node version 5.1.1

I have tried to add to circle.yml

- nvm install 5.1.1
- nvm use 5.1.1; node --version; npm --version”

Yet despite the "nvm use 5.1.1 … " command, I still am seeing the default node version 4.2.6 being used in my build.

I am not sure what the issue is in CircleCi.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Any updates on this issue? I am experiencing the same issue, except node version 0.10.33 is intermittently appearing as well as 4.2.6.

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