SLOW clone from Bitbucket Cloud to CircleCI hosted servers

Anyone else experiencing really, really slow clones from Bitbucket Cloud right now? The checkout was taking 43 seconds, downloading at 34MB/s consistently earlier today, and now a checkout just took over 30mins at 376.00 KiB/s. This was on the 2nd go, as well, I cancelled a build about 40mins ago as it was still doing the checkout after 8mins.

I’ve not experienced this, but do you need the whole clone? If not, consider doing a shallow clone, which does not download your repo history. That can be an enormous speed win, if most of your data transfer is stuff you don’t need.

Thanks yeah, I’ll look into that and run some experiments. It didn’t make much of an improvement on Bitbucket Pipelines. I also want to compare it to caching the git clone for use through the workflow.

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