Slow clone times from Github to CircleCI

I have noticed for the past couple weeks that I have seen extremely slow clone times when running macOS-hosted builds, typically when running builds during working hours. A couple hundred KB/sec transfer speeds are common during git checkout, but when running off-peak I see tens of MB per second.

I’m cloning from Github, and I use the standard - checkout step that CircleCI provides.

Has anyone else been seeing the same on their macOS-hosted CircleCI builds? I have a ticket open with CircleCI support, but I wanted to see if others have the same issue so we can identify the cause and scope of the problem quicker.


We’re seeing this as well, using the standard checkout command, cloning from github is extremely slow (500 KBps), causing >30m checkout times.

Just to see where the issue might be coming from, could you try pushing the code elsewhere (GitLab, Bitbucket) and then cloning from your CircleCI machine (e.g. in a post-build SSH session). This might help indicate whether GitHub are experiencing an incident presently.

Hi everyone, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are currently aware of some spikes in network speed degradation on the macOS executors and are working on resolving this issue ASAP. I will update this thread once we have an update to share. Many thanks!


Hi all! We have added this to our status page. Currently, we are working with our datacenter provider on these network issues. Please follow the status page for updates.

We are also seeing this issue badly… will we get refunded credits for the abnormally slow transfer rates?

This seems to be happening again today, even though is all green.