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Hello guys,

Can anyone help me understand why CircleCI doesn’t allow signing up or login with just email and password?

I’ve quite a few project and my clients use their own bitbucket / github accounts.
They do give me access to my email but when I try to signup using my bitbucket Circle CI asks for permissions to read all my projects.

I cannot do that. I’ve to use CircleCI only for the projects I’ve configured it for.
Also, my clients have invited me to join their CircleCI account but I cannot login using only my email,

Can anyone help?


Sign up for a fresh BitBucket account using a spare email address, get your client to share access to that email, then sign up to CircleCI using BitBucket system. It will read just the projects you have in that account.

Thanks halfer.

I had thought to do the same but it’s not just one project I’m looking a solution for.
It’s just a work around that is not sustainable.

So my main question to CircleCI team still stands. i.e. why they’re not allowing email/password based access?


I don’t have an answer for that, but you suggest the idea here if you wish.

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Because we don’t have any concept of users at this time, since we mirror and directly map to the GitHub and BitBucket permissions map. We are working towards a new domain model, at which time we may revisit this, but right now you need a VCS connection anyway, so creating a user/pass login model doesn’t make sense.

I second Jon’s suggestion of posting as an idea, which I see you did here Page Not Found | Canny

Yes. I understand that.
I’ll await for new domain model and/ or replies on my idea request.
Thanks guys.
You can close this ticket.

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