Login using email?

Sorry for the generic question in the generic category, but couldn’t see a better place to ask.

I’ve received a “welcome to circleCI” email a few months ago when a colleague invited me to the corporate team -
and didn’t do anything then as I didn’t need access.

68 days later, I’m ready to get logged in, but cannot figure out how to.

What I got was an email to my email address - which is not the one attached to my github login. I don’t know which login method I’m supposed to use - I tried Github first stupidly - and it created me a new team (which in retrospect makes sense since it was never invited to join). Then without signing out from that attempt, I tried Google auth (could be that is the intended auth, I have a google account that matches the email address it was sent to) and got signed into my github-based account rather than the corporate team account.

How can one discover what login method exists for their own email address? or, how can I disconnect my google profile from my github-based account so it can instead attempt to auth independently?

Thanks in advance for your insights :slight_smile:


I think the best way to get this resolved will be to open a support ticket. You can do so within the UI or by emailing support@circleci.com. Feel free to copy & paste or link this Discuss post in the ticket.

I could not in fact do it via the UI. The “contact support” button took me to the forum.

Thanks for the email address!

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