Should we support OAuth Outside of GitHub?

Since All CircleCI Users use GitHub it makes sense to just offer GitHub Oauth and regular accounts.

However, discourse offers Facebook, Google, and Twitter logins as well (which are trivial to set up). I am curious if offering these additional OAuth options would be useful?

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I say accept them all! We are trying to build a community so lowering any barriers to entry is a win IMO. Do you see any potential downsides to accepting them?

No, I don’t but from a support perspective if everyones username is also their GitHub username then it would be easier to people to check out public projects and public build reports.

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That is true. Then I suppose it really depends on what you would like the scope of this site to be. If the goal is to solely provide a support community for CircleCI customers then using GutHub only at this point in time makes sense. I think that is a great place to start.

If you notice that there are a lot of people from outside CircleCI that our coming and answering questions or looking for advice then it may be beneficial to add additional forms of authentication. Make it easy for them to become a part of the Circle environment and maybe even customers!

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You make some awesome points! :slight_smile:

I would love for this to become a community for all things Testing, CI, and CD.

I will enable all of those other accounts to lower the barriers to entry. Thanks Mike!

Can I cash in my awesome points for CircleCI Employee status? :smile:

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I expected I’d be automatically logged in with my Circle CI account when I first saw the forum. That’d be pretty slick, but probably more work for you.

@danielcompton that is an interesting idea, I will look into it. :slight_smile: I think the main issue is that we are not using the same application for OAuth, the CircleCI App and the Discussion site are separate and I wonder if we should keep them separate for security purposes.

Hi @levlaz , another option could be to support Github access token exchanging the way Travis does:

Here at we use that to automatically query the Travis API to associate builds with Github commits, which means less configuration overhead for our users.

Have you considered supporting that?


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Hey! Thanks for the tip but this conversation is specific to Discourse not the main CircleCI app :slight_smile:

With that being said, this seems like a cool approach we should add a feature request for it.

Ah derp! Should have read the whole thread…

Should I open this suggestion elsewhere or are you up for it?