See the status of your CircleCI workflows in GitHub


In my view - and note I am just a user here - that deserves a new thread. I suggest you build what you can using the information provided in the first post here, and then show that in your post. You’re more likely to get help if people can build on what you have, rather than their needing to build what you want from scratch.


I would love to see this. The workflow page is unresponsive to my workflow with 170+ jobs. I would like to have a quick way to navigate to failed job without going through the workflow page.


We’re seeing this issue today after turning on Github Checks for the first time (for CircleCI).

Regular status checks are reporting fine:

But the “Checks” tab for the PR is still reporting as queued over an hour later:


Hi Ryan - Can you please open a support with your GitHub organization name and these screenshots? Sorry for the inconvenience.

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