Why Circle sometimes displays status of every job in workflow on GH?

I have noticed strange thing. Some projects of mine have this kind of display:

(it lists every single job in the workflow and sets this message “your tests passed”), while on the other hand, some of the project has one point, with the workflow name, saying that it has passed or failed (sorry, new users are allowed to post only one picture in a post)

On some projects though, I would end up having one general view + all the jobs separately.

in fact their config code is almost the same, I have tried few things (like reducing number of jobs in a workflow), but couldn’t get any further.

Have anyone of you encountered this one and knows how to switch to having only 1, general check?

Sometimes it’s visible like this: (I see only the workflow name, no info regarding single jobs):

It depends on your settings. If you turn build processing on and GitHub Checks, you only get the workflow name now. The one with every job is the old method.

Also, if you are using branch protection on GitHub, if you required any CircleCI jobs to pass, they will continue to show up until you switch the requirement to the workflow instead.

Hm, that’s strange, but this also concerns my Pull Requests, which are not on protected branches. For now I have not changed anything and I see both: name of the whole workflow + on the same time status of every single job.

Could you give me a hint where to look for build processing?

If you go to your project’s Settings page on CircleCI, then click “Advanced Settings” on the left site, " Enable build processing" will be at the bottom of that page.

To see if GitHub Checks is activated, you need to go to the Settings page for your Org, then click VCS on the left side, then you’ll see a blue button that takes you to GitHub to verify if GitHub Checks is installed.

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That worked like a charm, thanks! :slight_smile:

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