Scheduled pipelines: limit of 20, no full cron power, hourly starts at 40? minutes mark

As the scheduled workflows feature by API will come to its end in June 2022, we had to move to “Scheduled Pipelines” feature. But there are currently issues that made the whole experience worse with comparison to what we had before (dynamic pipeline + API schedules workaround). I would appreciate any comments/suggestions regarding these issues:

  1. There is a limit of 20 schedules per project. In one of our repos we had !33! different conditions/schedules and taking into account #2 issue here it took a significant effort to make it work.
  2. No cron power to schedule pipelines: you CAN’T start your pipeline at let’s say 30 minutes mark.
  3. When set to “run each hour”, the first job will execute at 40 minutes mark… and so on… each hour. It seems like a legit bug here.

Issues listed are in descending order (by measuring pain it inflicts). Hope to hear some insights on that.