How to handle rate limiting by external systems with Scheduled Triggers?

Hi, we need to run a nightly security scanning job on many repos through scheduled triggers. We’re concerned that we will suffer from rate limiting by external systems if we schedule all of these to run at once. It looks like scheduled triggers only support hourly start times, so how do we ensure we don’t get rate limited? (Or is the start time already randomized across the hour?)

One answer to the limitations of the current Scheduled Triggers solution, if you have your own infrastructure is that you could start piplines via the API using a Scheduling tool that you run locally.

The following write-up includes a curl example that uses the API to start a project pipeline.

I know this is not a great answer, but we are still waiting to hear what circleci has planned for scheduled triggers as they were designed to replace the older scheduled workflows feature, but they have admitted that additional work is required to match the features of the original solution.

Sadly the old solution is now only available to BitBucket users, but if you are such a user you can find some basic details here

Thanks, figured that was the case, I think we’re alright for now, but down the line we might end up using github actions to kick off Circle.