Not able to schedule hourly builds

Hi Team,

I am newbie in circleci and followed few documents to solve my issue regarding scheduling the build hourly or nightly.
I have two workflows for which I would like to run them hourly:
I have shared you the eg of android-e2e-tests

      - schedule:
         cron: "0 * * * *"
               - GOPMA-544-schedule-browser-stack-runs-for-ios-and-android-on-nightly-basis
      - pre-build
      - android-stage-dist:
          context: gelato-os-mobile-test
          test_automation: "true"
            - pre-build
      - upload-apk-to-browserStack:
          context: gelato-os-mobile-test
            - android-stage-dist
      - android-automation-tests:
          context: gelato-os-mobile-test
            - upload-apk-to-browserStack

I don’t see any error on circleci but still it is not running hourly.

Am I missing something?
Any input for this issue is appreciated. Thankyou!

As you have only copied part of your config.yml it is not possible to tell if the overall structure of your workflows is correct - a ‘triggers:’ entry must be placed under a workflow. What you have posted does seem to follow the docs.

One thing - are you aware that the “scheduled workflows” feature is set to be withdrawn at some point and there is now a new feature called “scheduled pipelines”?

As a side note, can you try with a shorter branch name. You have not stated your repo platform and there is always a change that such a long branch name is causing an issue.

Hi Thankyou for your reply.
I understand your answer and was able to run hourly now through my method which you told will be withdrawn. So, I am trying new method as method here Getting started with scheduled pipelines | CircleCI
Just a small question regarding this: Like if I want to schedule the build nightly, then what option I should select from here Repeats per hour?

Because I just want to run every night, may be something after 12hrs or 24hrs will work for me

Just to be clear, I am not an employee of CircleCI so the views I state are my own, rather than anything to do with CircleCI’s official position.

When moving from “scheduled workflows” to “scheduled pipelines” the CircleCI team for some reason moved away from the cron way of expressing a schedule. The result is that when defining a “scheduled pipeline” is a little different and the web interface and API docs are not detailed enough to make it clear.

Via the web interface, you select the starting hour/hours via the “Start Time (UTC)" option that you want the job to run in and then use the "Repeats Per Hour” option to say how many times you want the job to execute in each selected hour. CircleCI will then try and build a schedule that takes into account all the other jobs it must process.

This means that if you state that you wish the job to run once at 9 am, what will happen is the job will be allotted a time at some point between 9 am and 9:59 am to be run.

This and other issues are covered by an FAQ found here

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