Running into a permission issue using this image for a GitHub Action

Hi there,

Using the circleci/node:lts-browsers image on the advice of support team, but running into a permission issue while trying to run yarn install on GH Action.

According to GitHub Support :

would check to see what user id you are running as inside the container. It is likely that user does not have permissions to write to the filesystem. By default we expect all containers to run as UI 0 inside the container. If you are running as something else you will need to make sure you chown the files.

In this particluar case it looks like you are trying to use a container that CircleCI has optimized to work in their infrastructure.

See the issue at

I’m a bit lost as to what to do to get this fixed. Any idea or suggestion I could explore?

Got it fixed by adding

sh -c “sudo chown -R circleci /github”
sh -c “sudo chmod -R 777 /github”

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