Running CirleCI testing for several/multiple repositories/project

Hello all,

I have a small group of students and looking in the best way how to check/evaluate the basic functionality for each execrcise (code style, some unit tests, etc).
There are a lot of different repositories with the same content, each of this repos has to pass the same tests end show the results (or take some action).

Can you advise me if CirleCI is a right tool to do that?
Some tips to achive that?

Thank you in advance!

Kind of, but many assumptions about it’s ‘base use case’ might not cleanly map to you project.

Starting with the account/integration level. Circle assumes that you’re going to subscribe to a project, and it’ll run from then on out.
BUT: compiling n projects, and running them against x tests, that’s the ballgame

if this is a “grading activity” it might make sense to pull them all into a private repo and test from there, or give each of them a .circleci/config.yml and expect them to make their own accounts, and just check their repo to see if they received a circle passing check.