Using Circle ci for testing repo and delivering test report


Let’s say I have a repo with algorithms problems. This repo has a master branch, a solution branch, and a branch for every student.

  1. A student forks the repo from the master branch, then they submit a pull request to their branch on the repo.

  2. Then we want to test the problem that the students tried that day either by comparing it to the tests on the solution branch with the file of the same name (meaning there would be a file called robotPaths.js in the students branch and a file robotPaths.test.js in the solution branch which would be used to test) or testing it on the travisCI server.

  3. Then we would send a message to students of which tests they passed and how many and/or post a comment on their github pull request about which tests passed.

Is this possible?
If you need any more information let me know!

-Thank you
Michael Gofron