Running tests for old builds

Hi All,

I’m the founder of a startup called Appsurify, which uses ML to reduce the number of tests required to be run for each commit. I’m looking to integrate with Circle CI. I was looking for a way to create builds and run tests for commits prior to me creating the project on Circle CI, is this possible?


It depends what you mean. You can certainly run tests locally (without CircleCI at all) but if you create a (CircleCI) build, does that not imply creating a (CircleCI) project?

Hi Halfer,

Yep I don’t want to run the tests locally I want to see the tests run no Circle CI and push the results. I might have the wrong terminology. I want to create a Circle CI project and then run builds from earlier in the year.


Yes, you can do that.

A project on CircleCI (and most CI systems) is a mechanism that causes the CI system to follow a remote Git repo and build it whenever a push is detected. However, you can disconnect that feature and run on another kind of trigger (e.g. manual activation or a schedule).

You can run your own Git commands, so you can do old checkouts easily - by hash, by branch, by tag - and then run your build process from there.

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