Is it possible to "test" circle.yml flow locally?

So is it possible to run circle ci workflow locally (without pushing to repo) to see if circle.yml is ok? Maybe some docker container exists with circle ci stuff inside?

To me it seem quite strange that I can not find it.

Not currently, no. You can run a YAML linter locally to at least verify that the YAML syntax is correct.

I believe you could with ease to expose correct docker image that reflect your internal build container? no?

We’re working on it. :slight_smile: For many reasons, this ability would be extremely useful so it’s coming in the future.

Ok, thank you) is it long to way for public beta 2.0 what is approximate term?

I don’t have a specific timeframe to give unfortunately. As a lose estimate, I would say 1st half next year.

Any update on this?

Yes, take a look at the local CLI tool. That will let you run builds locally, though some build steps (like caching) work on only.

For complex builds that I’m converting from 1.0 to 2.0, many times I find it faster to commit and push to test. I understand this isn’t great for commit history, though.