Development process slow


Am I missing something or is it a very slow and tedious process to get a build process created and running?

I have a local dev environment using 3 Docker containers, managed via a docker-compose.yml which runs OK on my laptop. I am trying to replicate this setup in CircleCI so that I can spin up the containers and then run browser tests against my CakePHP application using the same setting, database etc.

I find that with each tweak or change to the .yml file I have to rebuild everything and this takes 3-4 minutes depending on the network.

Is there anyway to cache some parts of the process to make it quicker?

It depends where the slowness is. Are you (re)building a Docker image? There are some caching strategies I can direct you to, if so.

Or is the slowness in CircleCI commands? If so, would you list some steps and what time each takes to run? There are probably some optimisations that can be made.

Or, is the slowness in making mistakes in your YAML config? This can be alleviated by using a YAML-aware editor that catches syntax errors and reduces the number of pushes to get a specific result.

Yes, using caching:

Also you can use the Local CLI to build locally instead of having to git push for every CircleCI config change.

Thank you! I think the CLI is probably what I’m after; it’s mostly the time to change my repos and then have to commit to get CircleCI to rebuild again.

I’ll install and give that a go. :grinning:


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