Docker not caching?



Did something change at the end of last week to cause caching of docker images to not work in CircleCI 1.0? Our build process has been working for quite some time and caching as expected but every since last week the builds have been taking a lot longer and we’ve tracked it down to the cache of the docker layers not being used. The finish timestamp of the build where this started is “5 days ago (22:09)”.


This problem appears to have gotten worse and now the caching of docker layers isn’t working at all, so all of our builds are taking a VERY long time.


Same here. 2 days ago my builds took roughly 5-6 minutes. Now they are in the range of 10-11 minutes. Nothing has apparently changed on our side. Between the last build that used the cache and the first one that didn’t use the cache we only changed a couple parameters in our code, nothing that should affect CI in any way.

We first pull our last build image for that branch from AWS ECR as a way of caching layers, then build (this was reusing those pulled layers before), push to ECR (as a means of caching for the next build and as a deployable image if needed), run tests against container and then deploy if required.

Now those images from ECR are not being reused and the build takes literally twice as long as before.

I could never get to work the solution proposed in the docs at