Docker layer caching doesn't work as expected with a config in version 2.1

I’m investigating Docker Layer Caching which is enabled for our CircleCI project. To get familiar with the feature I’ve created a very simple project in our repository which has 2 RUN statements. The first takes pretty long and is repetitive which installs a RPM package from remote site. The second RUN command is quick on changes. On a local build with docker build -t test . it works as expected. First run creates the image and installs the RPM. Just changing the second RUN command with the “Hello World” output and creating the image again, will use the cached RUN statement and finishes pretty quick. I’ve triggered the same workflow with a commit and using the

- setup_remote_docker:
    docker_layer_caching: true

feature, but unfortunately every triggered build is not using any type of cache. Is there anything I’m doing wrong or haven’t fully understood here.

I did this test ~13 hours ago and redid the same tests 10 min. ago and the caching works now as expected which you can see in the commit messages.

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