Ruby version installs inference from `.ruby-version` before switching to version specified in `circle.yml`

I’m trying to use a version of ruby on circle that is a patch version different from the version in our .ruby-version file.

I specified the version under in circle.yml but it still downloads the version in .ruby-version (or sometimes even compiles! the reason for doing this).

After downloading/building the version found in .ruby-version, it switches to the version specified in circle.yml.

The downloading/compiling of the version specified in .ruby-version is completely redundant as it switches to a different version immediately after.

Is there any way to fix this so that we can specify a different version in circle.yml without the redundant step?

I believe this will have been for a build on OS X.

We’ve now resolved this issue and the recommended way to specify your Ruby version for OS X / iOS builds is in circle.yml:

    version: 2.3.0

(Replace version number to suit)