CircleCI with ruby 2.3.2?

Hi everyone, i have some trouble with circle ci, i have this error message :

Your Ruby version is 2.3.1, but your Gemfile specified 2.3.2

but in my config.yml i have this :

version: 2

        version: 2.3.2

so i don’t understand why circle ci don’t recognize my ruby version.

and i create a file (circle.yml) in my root app with this :

    version: 2.3.2

so i need help to write the right code to run without error.
Thank’s for the future advice :wink:

It looks like you’re using CircleCI 2.0, which is fabulous! It also means you’ll need to change the way you specify a particular Ruby version.

This section of our docs should get you going again:

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hi, thank’s but i forget to say i use a linux plan, so IOS is not for me unfortunately :confused: .

and when i replace machine with this this code in config.yml :

   - image: circleci/ruby:2.3.2

i have this error :

Error response from daemon: manifest for circleci/ruby:2.3.2 not found

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Same here, but with 2.3.1.

CircleCI folks, could you please let us know how to set up an image with Ruby version not provided here?

PS The reference given by Ilene doesn’t answer this question as it’s specific to MacOS images, while we are asking about Linux.

We’re stuck with 2.3.3 for the moment. Any way to use that?

@csbubbles @f6v

Yes, just use a custom image:

I don’t use Ruby, but if I were tackling this, I’d create a new repo, add a Dockerfile based on Alpine Linux, add the exact version of Ruby required, build it, push it to a registry, and then get Circle to use that image.

Of course, you can create a new CircleCI config to build this too.

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