RoR: Updated deploy script not updated in circle's deployment build

There was a command I had removed on RoR’s config/deploy.rb and pushed to Github, but the deployment build stills has that command running in Circle’s auto build after repository push. To be specific, the command error “delayed_job is not executable” even I have extra command like “chmod +x script/delayed_job”.

Let me make sure I understand what’s going on: one of the commands that you configured to be run on CircleCI includes executing the config/deploy.rb file, you removed a statement from it but that statement is still showing up in your build. Is that right?

If so, are you sure if the most recent revision has been built? Would it be possible to check the exact revision the build ran for and view the code it contains on GitHub? Is the extra chmod command still present in the file on that revision?

Could any of the gems you are installing be overriding the config/deploy.rb script?