Build does not execute. circle.yml absent

Since yesterday my builds are not executing (just getting queued up) and the possible error seems to be

“We didn’t find a circle.yml for this build. You can specify deployment or override our inferred test steps from a circle.yml checked in to your repo’s root directory.”

I am building a Python (2.7.8) and Django 1.4.17 (legacy) app.

When the file circle.yml is very much at the root of the repository.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

P.S.: A noob at circle.


Can you share the URL for the build?



It’s a private repo/project.

However, you being an employee at CircleCI might be able to access it.

@levlaz not sure if you did something. I just tried cancelling the currently queued build. And then force push the repo again, it worked.