"Not deploying" in " Checking deployment" section


I am not able to get the deploy script to be executed in the Checking deployment section and the only thing that I see is “Not deploying” twice.

It used to work before.

The section in circle.yml is

branch: master
- ./deploy.sh XXXX

Thanks in advance and best regards

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Is the build on the proper branch, per your config only the master branch will deploy.

Hi, yes it is.
Now it is working again.
I suspect that if a ssh connection is created to the deploying VM, then the deploy is canceled for some reason. If you look to your own code and search for the “Not deploying” word we should get an answer of why we were not deploying.
Kind regards and thanks

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That is right, SSH is for debugging purposes only, if you have an SSH enabled build the deployment step will not be run.


Can this be added to docs?

The documentation states

Your build commands will run as usual, with the exception of deployment,

If we can make this clearer please let me know!

It could be really helpful if you mention it at https://circleci.com/docs/configuration/#deployment too.

It would be very helpful if the log message stated the reason for example instead of “Not Deploying” something like “Deployment disabled when SSH is enabled”.