REST API list pipelines - how to use the next_page_token

We are trying to retrieve the pipelines using the CircleCI API API but it does not look like the next_page_token is working correctly. I ran a request in curl without the next_page_token, then used the token returned for the subsequent request. However, it is returning the same set of objects.

How do I make the next_page_token correctly work?


Hi @sanimesa. Welcome to the CircleCI Discuss community!

The value of next_page_token returned in the response should subsequently be passed as a query parameter named: page-token.

If you use an incorrect parameter name/key it’ll be ignored, and the request will return the same objects.

In case you’re using a tool like Postman, make sure there’s no additional characters (like a line feed) after the parameter’s name/key.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks, it helped!

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