I found some mistakes in the CircleCI API doc

Hi, there.
As I mentioned in the title, it looks there are some mistakes in the CircleCI API doc.
I’m sorry if I’m wrong but I want to make sure whether it’s mistakenly documented or not.

  1. CircleCI API
    The API endpoint is supposed to return something but the return value is documented as null

  2. CircleCI API
    It should receive “page-token” as one of the available query parameters since its response includes “next-page-token” but it’s not documented here.
    I hope you’ll check to see if there is any other similar incompleteness.

  3. (h)ttps://circleci.com/docs/api/v2/#operation/addEnvironmentVariableToContext (I can put third link due to the restriction to new users :sweat: )
    The “context-id” is documented as it’s always required.
    Is it also required when creating a new context?
    I think it never exists until the context is created.

Thank you.