Resolving merge conflicts on pull request through Github website does not create build



Steps to reproduce (using master and dev as example branches)

  1. Create PR with master as base, dev containing code we want to merge into master
  2. While Github tries to merge, merge conflicts popup
  3. Use Update Branch button on page
  4. Go to CircleCI, check both the branch being used as the base and the branch we’re merging from. There will not be any builds pending/running for the merge.

The build url (if public), or the relevant section of circle.yml
Private repo. I will try to update with a public repo if I can later (no guarantee)

Exact error message (screen shots if it’s a visual bug)
This is the result of after I do step 3 from above.

I tried having a coworker approve the PR to see if the build would run, but a build on circleci did not get created/run either.

Are you aware of anything that changed since the build last passed?
No but my coworker and I was able to reproduce this on a couple branches on the same repo.

When the bug first occurred (if known, this helps staff in knowing if something changed on their side)
7 days ago

What happens when you run the tests locally
Our tests run fine. CircleCI just does not build at all (or show up_