Circle using code from "master" branch when building code in an unmerged PR


I feel like this must be a simple oversight on my end, but here’s the scenario:

  1. Master branch exists and is building successfully
  2. User submits a PR with changes
  3. Reviewer accepts PR, thus triggering a CircleCI build
  4. The code pulled by CircleCI is just the current copy of master and does not include the changes from that latest pull request

How do I configure Circle to include the code that was part of the pull request?

Link to my circle.yml:


Can you clarify what you mean by that? Does accepts == merge in your scenario?


Ah, no. Accepts means the reviewer approved the PR, which seems to kick off a CI build. However, the build does not seem to include the latest (unmerged) changes.


Ah, this was totally a mistake on my part. I have a fairly complicated build process and was doing a “git clone” of master from the public github repository (which obviously wouldn’t include un-merged changes). Feel free to close this.


Thanks for clarifying, glad you were able to get this sorted.