Rerun containers are consistently marked as "canceled"

Occasionally, I’ll receive this error on one or more containers:

There was an issue while running this container and it was rerun. The most recent run is shown.

When that happens, the build will be listed as “canceled” even if the run completes.

For my/CircleCI’s information: Build 2374

Same error here. It’s very annoying seeing Failed status when your build is actually running :frowning:

I heard back from Circle- they said they’re aware of the issue and working on a fix.

Did anyone hear back on an ETA for this? I ran into a similar issue this morning. A build step of my workflow failed due to a test flake. I re-ran the step but this did not re-trigger the workflow. Worse re-running the workflow from the failed step or from the beginning results in a stalled workflow that never schedules any work.


For CircleCI folks: