Requesting Feedback and Testers for Ubuntu 22.04 Machine Image Beta (New Build Process)

Hi Everyone,

The team is testing out a new pipeline when creating our Linux Images and we’d like to get some testers to help determine whether builds continue to successfully run and whether there are adjustments that need to be made to keep parity.

This new build process will drive quarterly updates and other machine images we release moving forward and therefore we would appreciate some constructive criticism, feedback, and ask users to raise any issues or concerns on this post directly or through twitter @jalexchen. This helps ensure a smooth transition as we continue to migrate.

In the interest of determinism, most versions should keep parity with the July Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy image, however, there are a few changes listed below:

  • PYENV_ROOT has changed from /opt/circleci/.pyenv to /home/circleci/.pyenv
  • The version manager for Ruby was changed from rvm to rbenv. The reason for this was due to a preference for shims rather than hacking the shell
  • All circleci packages and configurations included by the team should be organized under the .circlerc file

We encourage testing with your code, personal projects, as well as orbs to ensure the image is providing the same utility and accuracy as the existing one.

You can access this image with the tag: ubuntu-2204:edge

      image: ubuntu-2204:edge

We really appreciate it!