Removing support for Xcode versions 9.0.0, 9.3.0, and 9.4.0

On May 14th, 2019, we are removing the support for the following Xcode versions on CircleCI for macOS:

  • Xcode 9.0.0
  • Xcode 9.3.0
  • Xcode 9.4.0

We are removing these images because the newer patch levels for those Xcode versions are available. We recommend using the most recent patch levels for these Xcode versions so that you hit fewer Xcode bugs in your CircleCI jobs.

If you are using any of the versions that we are removing, we suggest upgrading to the following patch versions, respectively:

  • Xcode 9.0.1
  • Xcode 9.3.1
  • Xcode 9.4.1

The full list of Xcode versions supported on CircleCI is available here.

Please comment in this thread if you have any questions or concerns about this change.