Remove projects that were accidentally added?

We have a lot of projects in our GitHub organization that are not setup for CircleCI and don’t need to be. Today, a new employee logged in to the CircleCI dashboard and clicked “follow all projects”. This prompted CircleCI to activate all of our non-activated GitHub projects on CircleCI.

I cannot seem to find anywhere within the CircleCI dashboard to de-activate projects. How do I revert this mess?

Hi James,

This script from @KyleTryon should help Remove projects we accidentally added

(deleted my prior incomplete response)

I guess that is better than nothing, thank you. But I really wish I didn’t have to put this back in the hands of the new person who doesn’t know which repos should be active or not.

Nope, this is something you can do with Kyle’s script, it doesn’t need them to run it.

I would refer to to get a list of projects where they are the only follower if you are unsure which ones got added.

Okay, I got it fixed. Had to write a script to look through all of our GitHub repos to find the ones that do not have CCI config to generate the list and then run that through the provided Bash script.

This is something that should really be accomplishable via the admin dashboard in CCI.

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I’ve created a feature request for this here (I combined it with another Idea I’ve forgotten to create)

Please vote to show interest and track updates. Also, feel free to comment to clarify any details in your use case I may have missed.

I really don’t want to create another account. Consider my +1 attached.


It probably won’t be considered, because tech companies don’t work that way. Ideally, of course, every nuance of people’s conversations here would be patiently transcribed in other systems, such that everyone’s opinions and requirements are accurately reflected in future product changes. In practice, building a profitable tech company is a numbers game - only popular features will get built, and if you want something to be built, get yourself an account to vote and comment.

When the product managers at CircleCI get together to plan the next set of features, they won’t spend time combing the forum, where there is a high level of noise. They’ll look on the ideas board, and they will engage with the customers who are most willing to engage.

(I’m a user, btw, not an employee, and I have no special insight into how CircleCI operates.)

Thanks for your opinion. There is an employee directly participating in this thread so he can make whatever notes he needs to. There is a minimal barrier to entry for posting here: login with GitHub. If the same were true on the other site I would have clicked the same button. But I don’t go around creating new accounts so I can click one link and then forget the site exists until I get a bunch unwanted email from it.

He can, and he might, but you can still express your requirements better than anyone else, and you can put them where they are most likely to be seen. What I am getting at, perhaps, is that positive and good-natured engagement goes a long way, and - I hope you will pardon me for saying so - being a customer does not preclude ordinary manners.

I mean, if I were in a restaurant, and a waiter brought me a dessert spoon instead of a soup spoon, and I responded with “I suppose that’s better than nothing”, it’d be regarded as a serious breach of the social contract, even if I am a customer. Perhaps the internet is different, though I’d hate to think so.

Regard this in the spirit of code review, if you like :slight_smile:

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