Re-installing Github App Integration


I made a free tier account to explore CircleCI features and initially linked my first project to my Github repo via Github App. I wanted to do a cleanup and start over from scratch, so thinking I could just reinstall, I removed the Github app integration and revoked all CircleCI access from Github. However, I don’t see any way to reinstall the app or setup the integration again. Do I just need to create a new project? Is there a way to delete the old project in CircleCI or do I have to fill out a ticket?

Thank you.

I am also having this issue, were you able to resolve? I removed my original CircleCI app integration in Github for my organization and then re-enabled, but now there appears no way to reconfigure the Github integration for an existing Circle CI project


this should get you where you need I believe. We’re working on making it less hacky, sorry about that.