Reminder: Performance plan updates and Dec 1 max runtime change

We recently made some great changes to our Performance plan, which now includes access to self-hosted runners, flaky test detection, and access to private orbs.

As part of this change, we wanted to remind our Performance plan customers that starting December 1, 2021, jobs will have a max runtime of three hours. Customers were notified of this change on November 1, and we wanted to share an extra reminder here as well.

99.7% of jobs from Performance customers finish before three hours. Reducing the max runtime to three hours enables us to reduce our infrastructure cost. We are passing these savings on to our customers in the form of increased access to features and a lower plan starting cost.

If you have jobs that may be affected by this change, consider taking advantage of larger resource classes and parallelism to speed up job runtime or upgrade to a Scale plan for five-hour max runtimes. Feel free to reach out to our support team with questions.

Hey, I’m one of that .3% that’s impacted by this decision, it was not a delightful experience having to debug my job only to discover that I’m getting a backdoor price increase.

Just FYI, Github Actions has a job timeout of 72 hours.