Do "On Hold" jobs count against time quota?

Hey all. I use workflows with an “approval” type gate to only build feature branches when needed. This results in many “On Hold” jobs under Workflows. Do these held jobs count against my time quota? I’m still on the free “Hobbyist” plan, and noticed higher time usage in the past month, but not sure whether it’s due to the held jobs or something else.


No, they don’t. I was specifically watching that the other day. It’s similar, in that you won’t be charged for jobs in the queue either, just container run time.


I’m planning on using workflows with an “approval” step in a similar fashion. Like the OP, I would end up with a lot of “On Hold” workflows piled up, unless I actively cancel them each time I push a commit. Does anyone know if there are any negative consequences to leaving a large number of “On Hold” workflows hanging? For example, would it slow down future builds for me or for other people in my organization?

Same question is it an issue by leaving a lot of workflows held and never cancel or approve them ?
And how many times workspace data are available ? For example if a workflow is held during two weeks, does an attach_workspace will fail or success if it’s approved ?

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