How to increase job's runtime

My recent build was terminated with following message:

Build timed out after 5h0m0s

We’ve got CircleCI 2.0 and would need to have ability to increase job runtime limit above 5 hours. Is there a way to do that or it’s a feature request?

I see it was discussed in this thread but without any resolution: Maximum build time for builds

Can you parallelise your build work? Or is there some optimisation you can do? 5 hours sounds way to long to me anyway.

Unfortunately this is not a matter of job efficiency.
I’d like to run a performance soak test - small load over long period of time.

Ah, interesting. OK, is that several tests at one hour each, or one test at five hours?

If it is the former, you could use a test category feature in your test package to run smaller groups of tests per job. For example, if you have six tests taking six hours, then do two batches of three, so they fit into the five hour window.

If it is the latter, then you might need to check the Ideas board (see the main site) to see if a feature request has already been made.

I’m assuming you’re using the Docker Executor - have you tried the Machine Executor? I am not aware of any difference in maximum run times, but it might be worth a go.

We’ve got test (In Gatling) which takes in parameters which include how many concurrent users should be run for what period of time. This is very convenient and allows for checking different load scenarios.
Splitting it into separate jobs when single run exceeds 5h probably is possible but sounds like a nasty workaround and I would really like to avoid it.

We’ve got Machine Executor from what I’ve heard

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