Re-run with SSH in VS Code is Live ✨

I’m happy to announce that the CIrcleCI VS Code extension now supports re-running jobs with SSH without leaving your IDE.

You can re-run with SSH either from the Jobs Details view:

Or simply from the side panel:

Once connected, you will be given two options:

  • Start the SSH session in your terminal


  • SSH through a dedicated VS Code remote window


The extension will guide you through adding your SSH key.
If you find any issues, you can access SSH settings from the CircleCI settings page:

And if your job uses parallelism, you will be able to select which job you want to SSH into!

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!


Hi, thanks a lot for the info!
I’m reallt interested in troubleshoting from the vscode terminal, I just have a question related on how to add the github private key. Is it the same one I use to push my local commits into the repote repo? If ypu guys could give more information regarding the ssh keys it would be really helpful :slight_smile:

Hey @franciscaGrandon , yes that’s correct - you should should use the same SSH key you use for pushing your code! Let us know if you have any issues

I’m actually having an issue. When I try to re-run a failed job using ssh, I get a Operation timed out after a while, does anyone knows what is happening?
I created the topic here