Rails/React RSpec Feature Tests Hang - 2.0 migration

I have a Rails project that ran fine on 1.0 and I have recently migrated to 2.0. All rspec tests seem to run except the feature tests which hang and timeout.

I assume it might have something to do with phantomjs that the feature tests are using.

I have rebuilt using SSH and am able to run all tests successfully from within the container (which I have also run locally to debug). It seems that running any of the feature tests will hang at some point.

Is there any hope for our test suite on 2.0? I assumed it was just a Docker container. But since it runs successfully locally is there something special about CircleCI’s implementation?

PhantomJS works fine for me in a complex PHP test suite on 2.0 (despite being now abandoned - you may wish to switch away from it over the medium term). Try getting an SSH session and run a single PhantomJS test, to see what the issue is. You can take screenshots too, which is often useful for headless browser debugging.

No, it’s probably just a binary in your Docker build image, assuming it is installed of course. That’s the first thing to check.

Thanks @halfer - appreciate you taking the time to respond.

I’ve run the feature tests as a whole in SSH and they all ran with out hanging. But, I haven’t tried single tests yet. Will give that a go.