Alll tests passing but then sitting there until timing out

I’m running some Jasmine tests in node, which are all passing.

At this point nothing happens until 10 minutes of inactivity where the build failed.

I’ve tried running on SSH and have the same issue, with no additional output.

Are there any logs I can check?

It looks to me like Phantom is not shutting down when the tests finish. Can you try to run the tests manually via SSH to see if you can get any additional information or logging on why this process is hanging?

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried in SSH with the same result and no additional output.

Are there any logs I can check from within the SSH session?

When you say the same result, my specific question is “does the process end”?


After you run npm test, and it finishes, do you get back to a bash prompt?

Ah sorry. No. It just hangs there.

Well, that is the problem :slight_smile:

Is this Open Source? Can I take a peek at your tests?

It’s not but I can add you in to the git repo for a bit (it’s a side project). What’s your github username?

Not sure if this matters or not, but the tests seem to run okay locally (osx)

Ignore me. They hang locally too. D’oh! Sorry for wasting your time!

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You’re not at all!

Even though this may not be a CircleCI specific problem, I think that its still worth documenting here because I am certain that tomorrow someone will have the same exact issue :slight_smile:

Would love to take a look, my GH username is levlaz

Thanks :slight_smile: Just added you. The develop branch is the one I’m trying to run test on with circleli

Just wanted to close the loop on this topic.

@Ben88 and I worked together to get to the bottom of this. It turns out that Karma has a special “Continuous Integration” mode that can be enabled by setting singleRun: true in your karma.conf.js file.

This will cause the browser to cleanly shut down at the end of the tests. By default it will keep running and wait for changes which can be super useful in local development but not so much in a CI system.

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