Question about "new commit" behavior for Only Build PRs Setting

Can anyone confirm the expected behavior for new commits that are pushed to a branch with an open Pull Request when you have the “Only Build PRs” setting enabled?

I was looking at this old comment thread titled “Is it possible to run workflows when Github PRs are opened?” (I would link the post but I’m apparently not allowed to post links in this forum :roll_eyes:)

In that thread it is described 2 different ways:

When this option is enabled, builds will only be triggered when you create a pull-request, and again when you merge the pull-request to the default branch.

(that sounds like it treats the PR as “finished” and would not run new builds for commits that are pushed to that branch after it was opened)


Using “Only build pull requests” allows Circle to run workflows when a PR is opened, and whenever commits are made to branches referenced in that PR.

The latter behavior is what we would want. We’d like to use the only build PRs feature to cut down on redundant and unnecessary builds to WIP feature branches, but would like to build all new commits to any branch with an open PR.

Can anyone confirm if this is the behavior you would expect to see with that feature?