Python 2.7.11 with --enable-shared

Due to Theano we need Python 2.7.11 which was compiled with -fPIC, which in turn implies --enable-shared.

We use the 14.04 image and apparently the bundled (under /opt) Python 2.7.11 has been compiled as static…

I have considered a number of approaches to this and all are rather awful, so would be glad to hear if anyone has this figured out, or maybe there is a way to “add” the shared libs/maybe completely different approach?

As of now Circle is completely useless to us.

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Possible workaround:

    - pyenv uninstall -f 2.7.11
    - env PYTHON_CONFIGURE_OPTS="--enable-shared" pyenv install 2.7.11
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This indeed does the magic! Thank you.

My feeling is pyenv could use more exposure in the Python section of the docs.